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We serve as your safeguard and offer you complete security, safety and peace of mind that only the highest-trained professionals will work with and for you.

foto Alexandra Casabianca

Alexandra Casabianca

Mortgage Consultant

foto Frank Sidoti

Frank Sidoti


foto Betty Feigenbaum

Betty Feigenbaum

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

foto Brad Moore

Brad Moore

Vice President, Senior Loan Officer

foto Chibuike Ukwuoma

Chibuike Ukwuoma

Mortgage Loan Officer

foto Edward Lanzoni

Edward Lanzoni

Mortgage Loan Officer

foto Elijah Henriques

Elijah Henriques

Mortgage Loan Officer

foto Feliks Viner

Feliks Viner

Vice President, Secondary Marketing

foto Fernando Vidal

Fernando Vidal

Mortgage Loan Officer

foto George Lazos

George Lazos

Mortgage Consultant

foto Greg Hall

Greg Hall

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

foto Jim White

Jim White

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

foto Lisa Cabrera

Lisa Cabrera

Mortgage Consultant

foto Robert Neighbours

Robert Neighbours

Vice President of Loan Origination, Senior Loan Officer

foto Shae Hobbs-Salazar

Shae Hobbs-Salazar

Mortgage Loan Officer

foto Megan Brandt

Megan Brandt

Mortgage Loan Officer

foto Lisa Basile

Lisa Basile

Senior Loan Officer

foto Kysha Pacheco

Kysha Pacheco

Mortgage Loan Officer

foto Lynne Oliveri

Lynne Oliveri

Senior Loan Officer, Team Leader

foto Joel Sidoti

Joel Sidoti

Mortgage Loan Officer

About Branch

When buying a home, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your home financing will come through or not. With me as your loan consultant, you will have peace of mind knowing you will be accurately qualified for financing before you make an offer on a home – so there are no surprises later on in the process.