USDA Mortgage Loans In Enfield, CT

USDA Mortgage Loans In Enfield, CT

Are you a prospective homebuyer, either first-time or experienced? Consider a home loan that requires NO MONEY DOWN! Sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the rural development loan offers a complete 100% financing solution for prospective buyers in specific regions. The best part is, in most instances, you are not required to contribute money towards closing costs, and you can even negotiate with the seller to cover these costs.

Benefit from the remarkably low-interest rates offered by USDA home loans in Enfield, CT, which are typically lower than traditional rates. This versatile loan program, accommodating to all types of homebuyers, offers flexible credit and income criteria. Discover this widely-recognized program today!

Advantages of USDA loans include:

  • Availability of 100% financing
  • Accessibility to not only first-time home buyers
  • Flexible guidelines for income and credit
  • No requirement for assets\
  • Lowest monthly mortgage insurance

Accessible in more than half of Connecticut. Embark on your homeownership journey today!

Low Interest Financing!

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