Five Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Five Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Winter months are quickly approaching, and I am hoping that you will have a warm and cozy season in your beautiful home this year. I wanted to share some quick tips to make sure that you and your home are ready for the winter months ahead. I hope you find these tips to be both helpful and useful!

Seal It Up: Inspect all windows and doors to ensure that the weather-stripping is still in good condition. This will keep your home warmed and a lot cozier in the frosty winter months. If the weather-stripping needs to be replaced, you can purchase new ones at your local hardware store.

Check Your Gutters: It’s that time again to clean out the rain gutters again. If you would like to do them yourself, make sure you can safely access the gutters and scoop out any debris.

Chimney Sweep: When wood is burned in a chimney there is a black substance called creosote that builds up and can cause chimney fires. Inspect your chimney for any creosote buildup, and if you do see any get in contact with a chimney sweep to keep your fireplace safe and functional.

Vents and Heaters: Check all your heaters and ventilation systems to make sure that they are working properly. Clean out any accessible dust and make sure to replace filters where they are necessary.

Roof Repairs: If you can safely get onto your roof, inspect it for any missing shingle or any other factors that would lead to a leaky roof. If you are unable to safely access your roof, contact a professional organization and have them take of the rooftop work for you!