Decorating Tips for Your Fourth of July Party

Decorating Tips for Your Fourth of July Party

It’s that time of year again; cookouts, music, family & friends, and of course fireworks! Independence Day is a wonderful opportunity to get together to celebrate our great nation. Decorating for your get together is a really fantastic way to show your patriotic pride and with our nation’s colors of red, white, and blue going so well together, it couldn’t be easier. Here are a few great ideas for infusing the traditional, or contemporary American look for your party!

Setting the Table

Setting the table for your Fourth of July party can be simple and inexpensive. Looking for red, white and blue tableware is easy this time of the year; always keep in mind it isn’t a good idea to use the American Flag itself as a tablecloth or placements. It can be displayed as a form of disrespect towards our great nation. Instead, using a white tablecloth with blue and red place mats does the trick! When deciding on the center piece for your table, using red and white carnations with a blue pot is a beautiful way to finish your table off. Also, adding little American Flags to the arrangement will add that patriotic feel you were going for.

Hanging Decorations

With the table all set, it is now time for the hanging decorations. There are several types of hanging decorations to choose from that will dress your room with patriotic flair. Such as, red, white and blue swirl decorations, American Flag cutouts, foil fringe garlands, banners, balloons and so much more! You can head to your local Party City, Walmart or Dollar Store for some awesome choices to choose from. If you’re feeling crafty this 4th, you can make your own hanging decorations! Using colored paper, scissors, glue and some string leaves the possibilities endless.

Decorate Outdoors

Independence Day is a perfect excuse to get outdoors and celebrate with your friends and family. When decorating your yard, you can plan to use red, white and blue colors but also think: How can I make my yard Americana as well? Putting potted arrangements of red, white and blue flowers to your patio or deck is a great way to show your pride. Touches like hammocks or porch swings brings us back to a much simpler time and allows your guests to have a comfy seat. You can hang an American Flag in both your front and back yard, as well as finding various outdoor decor to accentuate your 4th of July theme!

These are just a few options you can choose from when planning to decorate for your Independence Day get together. Showing your patriotic pride can be both for the holiday fun and an everyday love for our great nation.