Cool Down Trick For The Summertime

Cool Down Trick For The Summertime

It’s finally June, and you know what that means… Summer Time! When you think of summer, the first things that come to mind are relaxation, vacation and (of course) hot weather! As we all know, while some people love the hot weather and others absolutely dread it. With summer coming in in just two short weeks, we thought you might like to have a few tips on keeping cool! This way, you can enjoy life to the fullest in your beautiful new house.

Green Is Good

There’s no debating how refreshing a large patch of shade can be on a hot summer’s day. So, why not invest in some shade of your own? Planting trees is a perfect way to ensure loads of shade as well as keeping your home cool in the warmer months. Do you already have some? Make the most of the summer foliage by relaxing beneath a large tree and sipping on a cool refreshing lemonade or iced tea. Don’t forget the lemon though!

Spin It

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to keep everyone cool, and they can be beautiful as well. Did you know that they can also help you save on your energy bill? By circulating cool air throughout your home, you won’t need to keep the thermostat set as low as you would-without the help of one, two or more well-placed fans.

Program and Relax

If you have a programmable thermostat, but haven’t gotten around to figuring out how to use it, there is no better time to learn than right now! With the ceilings fans spinning along, you won’t need your thermostat as low as you usually would. Setting your thermostat to regulate the temperature of your house and maintaining an average temperature can save you a lot of money.

Clear as Day

Did you know that window manufacturing and supply companies now offer an invisible way to keep you cool? They do this by installing a transparent coating to windows that effectively blocks heat. Adding this type of treatment to your sunniest windows is a smart and effortless way to save a few dollars on your energy bill.

Block it Out

Room-darkening blinds can reflect a great deal of sun and heat. During the hottest parts of the day, try and keep them closed to keep warm outside and the cool inside!