Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

The cool weather has finally arrived, which means our heating bills will quickly start to rise. For many home owners, keeping your home warm in the winter means paying a pretty hefty heating bill. Luckily, I have compiled some ways to reduce those costs and give yourself a little more cash in your pocket.

Cool It

Did you know that the settings on your water heater could be affecting your heating bill? (Psst! It is true). Try checking your owner’s manual or ask a local expert about the ideal settings for your water heater. If it is turned down, you may still be able to heat your water efficiently while reducing your heating bill.

Window Woes

If you feel a cool draft near your windows, chances are it isn’t the only direction the air is flowing. Gaps and air leaks in your windows can cause the warm air to leave your home and replaces it with chilly air. This in turn causes your heating bill to rise because the thermostat is trying to compensate for the cold air coming in. If you notice a draft, use caulk to seal the area well or contact a professional to repair any cracks or imperfections.

Temperate Control

When your home is empty or when it is night time (the best time to snuggle up under the covers) try turning down the thermostat.  Doing this simple step can exceptionally reduce your heating bill.

Open Those Shades

Even when the weather outside is frightful, the sun still tries to peak through every now and again. When it does, try opening your curtains or blinds to welcome the sun’s heat into your home. This will help to add a touch of warmth and keeping your heating costs down.  After all, summer time is when you seek shade from the sun.

Insulation Information

Insulation is used to maintain your home’s temperature. Some homes, especially older ones, may require additional insulation to keep cold air out during the winter and keep the warm in. Check with your local insulation professional about upgrading or replacing your outdated insulation.