Swimming Safe This Summer

Swimming Safe This Summer

Millions of people enjoy the warm weather every year by swimming and relaxing in backyard pools. Always keep in mind though, where there’s fun, there can also be a risk of danger — and swimming is no different.

Always Ask

Before entering the pool area, always make sure you have asked an adult first. When an adult is aware that you will be swimming, it lets allows them to be able to keep an eye out in case of emergencies.

Swimming Safe This Summer

Pool Enclosure

One way to avoid any risks is to surround pools (especially in-ground pools) with fencing to keep children and other people out of the water when it is not properly supervised. Always make sure that the fenced in area remains locked when not in use. This will prevent children from wandering in and being in potential danger of falling in. In fact, pool fencing is such a common-sense safety precaution that most states have laws requiring it for public and private pools. Connecticut is no exception. (For more information on Connecticut licensing click here.)

Keep Watch for Children

When children are having fun and swimming, always make sure to never leave them unattended. No matter what, an adult needs to be present when they are in and around the pool area in case of an emergency. It is also extremely important that children are equipped with the proper flotation aids to keep them above water.

What Your Step

If your swimming pool has stairs leading down into the water, make sure the handrail is sturdy to hold onto before allowing children in. This allows you not only enter the water safely, but it also helps prevent slipping.

The Deep end

Whether you are an experienced swimmer or just learning, you always need to make sure that you are swimming in a water depth that you feel comfortable in. Most above ground pools are level, meaning the depth is the same throughout the entire pool; where underground pools usually have a drop down to the deep in. You should never swim in water that is deeper than you are used too, or that makes you feel intimidated.

Cleanliness is Key

When owning your own pool, one of the most important aspects is its cleanliness. Make sure to clean your pool on a regular basis, or you can hire a professional pool service that will take care of everything for you. Keeping the pool well maintained and with proper pool cleaning, could prolong its life, prevent bacteria growth and hold off needed repairs. Anytime people are swimming, water can get into their eyes and inside their mouths. Also, when small children swim, sometimes they can have an accident inside the pool, so keeping it clean is a must! Some helpful weekly maintenance tips are:

  1. Using a net, you can get any debris off the surface of the pool water.
  2. Brush the entire surface of the pool, including tiled areas.
  3. Manually brush any dirt and debris that has not been already removed by the cleaning system.
  4. Clean out the skimmer and pump baskets.
  5. Check filter pressure to determine if back washing or cartridge cleaning is necessary.
  6. Test the levels of chlorine, pH and alkalinity.

In addition to these safety tips, always make sure your pool is covered when it is not in use or if you will be away from home for an extended amount of time. Keeping the area well lit is a good idea also, so when the sun goes down you can still enjoy the water. Having background pools makes summer time extra special, and allows for fun in the sun as well as a relaxing get away. Just always make sure to follow these safety tips, so we prevent any accidents from happening.