Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Preparing Your Garden for Winter

The relaxation and beauty that your garden gives to you is certainly worth all the hard work you put in each year. By putting in a little extra work at the end of the season, it can make getting your garden ready for next spring a whole lot easier. As well as helping to keep your plants healthy throughout the winter months. Here are a few useful tips that will get your garden ready to handle the cold and snow.

Test Soil and Mulch: After the ground freezes, it is important to add mulch to your garden. Doing this step will protect both your soil and plants through the long cold winter months, as well as provide much needed nutrients for spring. This is also, a good time to test the pH of your soil to see if it is lacking any essential minerals for the next growing season. You can find a pH kit at your local garden center.

Clean Up: Remove your annuals, empty and store any pots and containers, and give your garden one last mow. Though, this is not a favorite task of any gardener, it is a very necessary step to getting your garden ready for winter. Racking up all those pesky leaves is one chore all homeowners are familiar with each autumn. Did you know that leaves actually make great mulch for your perennials and vegetable garden, and are also a great addition to your compost!

Planting Spring Bulbs: If you are looking to plant spring bulbs, this is the time of year to get them into the ground. Be sure that you do this before the first frost, and give them plenty of water when planting them.

Plant Or Relocate Trees And Shrubs: The fall is the best time to get new trees into the ground, or move those you have earmarked to be relocated. The best strategy is to choose trees that are hardy for your zone, as it makes their survival more likely and maintenance easier. Also, choosing evergreens and shrubs that produce berries in the winter months can make your garden more interesting and provide activity for birds and other wildlife.

Unlike all the work you put into your garden in spring, winter clean-up can seem like a difficult and unrewarding task, but with this effort you will keep your garden in tip-top shape for the growing season ahead!