Conventional Loans In West Hartford, CT

Conventional Loans In West Hartford, CT

Discover, a trusted mortgage lender offering flexible financing options. With as little as 3% down, you can access conventional loan financing. Say goodbye to the outdated 20% down payment requirement and welcome a wider range of financing possibilities. Enjoy the benefits of competitive conventional interest rates through our 3% down payment option.

3% Down Payment Option Mortgage Loan Benefits:

  •  Enjoy low overall monthly payments and interest rates.
  • Large down payments are optional, potentially not required.
  • Lower down payment requirement allows more cash on hand for investments and important expenses.
  • Experience lower closing costs compared to other loan programs.
  • Benefit from typically lower Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) rates compared to other loan options.

Low Interest Financing!

We have a huge selection of loan options to meet all of your home loan needs.
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