Increase Homebuyer Interest – Just Like Magic

Increase Homebuyer Interest – Just Like Magic

Previously reported by Apple as it’s App of The Week, MagicPlan, a floor plan generator application, has been downloaded over 12 million times. The premise is simple, but the solution it provides can revolutionize your listing.

In a day where 74% of homebuyers search for homes online, how a listing is represented on real estate and affiliated sites can drastically impact the showing rate for a specific house. Along with photos and virtual tours, floor plans are growing in popularity. The benefit can help to mentally qualify a buyer toward a specific home, forsaking the disappointment often felt when walking through a house and discovering the layout or room sizes will not suit the buyer’s needs.

MagicPlan is developed and sold by Canadian-based company Sensopia since 2011. The download is free but will require some in-app purchases. The tool uses photo capture to record the layout of a room and assists you in adding imperative information to your listing.

The application is expected to take up 119.9MB of space on your phone but can offer you a printed version of the floor plan in jpeg, pdf, dxf, png, sag, & csv formats for only $2.99 each. A monthly subscription charged through iTunes runs about $9.99 and can bypass additional per-use costs.

Currently, compatibility requirements are iPhone 4S and above, iPod Touch (5th generation) and above, iPad 2 and above, the iPad mini, and iOS 8.0 and above. Interactive floor plans can be published online as well as viewing floor plans in 3D with another benefit being the ability to share the floor plan with another MagicPlan user.

Operation of the app is simple after download. The initial screen welcomes you and asks whether you want to Sign Up or Sign In below a visual experience of the application in use.

If you’re signing up, the next screen asks for your email address, the industry you’re in and to create a password. Once compiled, you will tap the Sign Up button for your experience to begin.


You’ll be taken to another screen where your projects will be docked with the ability to begin a new plan.

You’ll then select the method by which you choose to create your floor plan. Select the room:

Then you’ll be taken to the camera (if you selected capture) where action items will be displayed on the screen for you to follow. Further direction on how to use this application can be found online at

Topic forums such as and agent resources like report buyers valuing a floor plan image for a house listing. Frustrated homebuyer, Joseph from Orlando, FL., wrote into asking: “Why are floor plans not used in real estate marketing? I’m in the market for my first home. I have been to a handful of showings finding room sizes not suitable to my lifestyle or a layout that I don’t like. This information is easily relayed in a floor plan drawing so why are they not used? It seems like a floor plan would allow me to see what the room sizes are and the overall home layout before a showing.” The responding real estate agent agreed that floor plans are extremely beneficial to buyers and should be included with photos.

On Reddit, one user questioned this sentiment on an archived thread covering this very subject: “Why don’t US sites like Zillow and Redfin include floor plans as a matter of course?” And he wasn’t the only one asking, proving there is a segment of homebuyers looking for this valuable information.

Although MagicPlan is a great tool, it does have some minor flaws, such as no option to turn off sound during operation and a floor plan downloading issue was reported, but it far surpasses having to call the town assessor’s office for a copy of a home’s floor plan that may or may not be available or current. All-in-all, with a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating, MagicPlan could be the very tool you need to make your listing a bit more enchanting.