How to Celebrate – The First Things to do When You Move Into Your New Home

How to Celebrate – The First Things to do When You Move Into Your New Home

Buying a house is no small feat. It involves improving your credit rating, saving enough cash, paying numerous fees, going through a complex legal process and eventually having the guts to put down some money and hope you made the right choice. Once you finally succeed in purchasing a home then, you’ll probably be in a celebratory mood as well as feeling rather excited to have a place of your own.

It’s time to finally make the most of having your own property then, but how do you go about enjoying your new place and taking advantage of your own property?

Some Things to Do

Have a Party

Of course one of the first things you should do when you own a property is to throw a house warming party and celebrate your new digs with your friends. This way you can show off your new property while also taking advantage of the fact that you no longer have people living downstairs who will get unhappy and the fact that you have enough space to have lots of people round. Whether you choose to throw the party before you decorate (to avoid things getting damaged) or after (to show off your décor) will depend on the type of party you intend to throw…

Have a Barbeque

Another great thing about having your own property is having a garden – something a lot of rented accommodation doesn’t have the advantage of. To celebrate, why not throw a different kind of party by having a barbeque with some friends? It’s also a way to party that’s less likely to ruin your carpet…

Hang up a Picture

This is something you can’t do when you rent that’s very simple and is a basic right that you should be able to enjoy – hanging a picture. Once you do that you will make a room more yours and express yourself, but it’s just a great feeling being able to hammer into a wall and not feel guilty about it.

Buy Something Big and Pernament

Another thing you can do when you move into your own place is to buy something big and permanent – you no longer have to worry about moving house in the next couple of years and you no longer have to ask permission before changing the furniture. A trip to Ikea should be on everyone’s agenda then, or you might prefer to buy yourself a new big cooker or a new shower. This is one of the things you can do that will really make you feel ‘grown up’ having moved in.

Do That One Thing You Wanted to Do

Most people who are moving into a home for the first time have one thing they particular want in their property and that they’re particularly looking forward to. Perhaps they want a shed they can turn into a workshop, or a Jacuzzi, or a walk-in wardrobe. Whatever it is that you dreamed about when getting your property, that’s what you should make sure you enjoy right away.