Creating Your Own Spooktacular Yard For Halloween

Creating Your Own Spooktacular Yard For Halloween

October is here, which means Halloween is coming! Halloween can be one of the most fun-filled holidays of the year! This holiday is celebrated by children of all ages, that get dressed up in their costumes and walk door to door asking for candy. This holiday isn’t just for children, many adults enjoy dressing up and celebrating by going to costume parties or simply decorating their yard and home for Trick-or-Treaters! Whether you will be just entertaining the Trick-or-Treaters or having a party, creating a spooky looking yard and exterior of your home can really add the atmosphere of the event. I have complied a few tips to make your yard and home Spooktacular, check them out.

Window Decorations and Spooky Signs

Creating your own gravestones or scary signage is a really fun, inexpensive and creative way to make your front yard look extra spooky! If you use old pieces of wood you can create signs that welcome your guests into your haunted house or you can design some old-looking gravestones. Make sure you do not forget to decorate the front of your windows to match the outside look. You can hang some darker colored drapes, suspend fake cobwebs and even add a few fake spiders into the mix to complete your Spooktacular look. Dim lights can also add a nice effect, but be sure to avoid candles for safety reasons.

Don’t Forget The Trees!

If your yard has trees in the front of your house, or on the walking path to your front door these are great places to add (or hide) scary Halloween décor. Hang up some gooly ghosts or some flying bats, string up some lights or set up a scary witch on one of the branches.

Carving Pumpkins Into Jack-O’-Lanterns

During Autumn, you may be able to find that some of your decorations can come right from nature. When Halloween comes to mind what is the first item that pops up? Pumpkins and Jack-O’-Lanterns! Having plenty of pumpkins of various sizes on your front steps and around your yard will give it a great eerie effect. When you purchase the pumpkin carving kit, it usually comes with the standard cut outs of spooky faces, cats or witches. Instead of going the traditional way, you can also paint your pumpkins. This can be a fun (less messy) way of designing your pumpkins. Remember, it is always smart to use the battery-operated tea lights or flashlights inside your pumpkin instead of candles; this avoids any type of accidents.

These are just a few of the fun, scary, and inexpensive ways in which you can make your property the spookiest on the block. But most importantly, don’t forget to get yourself into the spirit of the day and find a great costume that matches your newly created house of horrors!